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  • SectorMedical Care
  • ActivityMedical clinic
  • Date31 March 2023
  • CountryGermany - Netherlands

German Weight Doctors acquires specialist medical clinic Quole


Quole Medisch Centrum Waalre is a clinic for specialized medical care. Using a personal approach in a relaxing environment and by providing care without time pressure, Quole offers patients an excellent experience, as evidenced by its extraordinary satisfaction ratings. The high-grade medical personnel is among others specialized in orthopedics, plastic surgery, cosmetic healthcare, dermatology and general surgery. Quole offers both insured and uninsured care. The modern clinic was built in 2006 and is strategically located in the Eindhoven growth region. Quole employs circa 45 medical specialists.

Weight Doctors is a medical enterprise fully specialized in medical weight loss solutions. It realizes long-lasting weight reduction without dieting, surgery or a yo-yo effect by providing minimal invasive treatments for temporary and permanent stomach reductions. Weight Doctors transforms people into the most beautiful version of themselves. After commencing in Dortmund, the company now adds a Dutch location to its 10 branches across Germany and 2 clinics located in South Africa. Weight Doctors is an affiliate of Westfalen Klinik, a German medical clinic chain focused on plastic and aesthetic surgery, antiaging, hair transplantation, medicine, weight loss, and other specialized medical treatments.

Weight Doctors intents Quole to be a launching pad to enhance activities in the Dutch market. The currently offered specialized medical care will be continued by existing medical specialists under new ownership. Next, Weight Doctors envisions to intensify its weight loss offering in the Dutch market and become the number one provider of medical weight treatments in the Netherlands. Its cross-border expansion is also set to continue with projected openings of additional locations across multiple countries later this year.

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