Domestic and foreign private equity firms call on Blacktrace’s services when acquiring companies. The practice of clustering enterprises within the framework of buy-and-build strategies is designed to increase total enterprise value. Furthermore, strategic parties increasingly attempt to strengthen their core activities and market positions via acquisitions. In-depth sector knowledge and the ability to appraise the hidden strengths and weaknesses of companies are essential skills when searching for and assessing possible acquisition candidates. They must be approached at the right level and via the appropriate channels.

Private equity firms and (corporate) businesses turn to us when confronted by issues such as:

  • What potential acquisition candidates exist in specific sectors, both nationally and internationally?
  • Can Blacktrace offer support when approaching candidates that comply with the acquisition profile and help to conduct negotiations with these parties?
  • Can Blacktrace structure the acquisition transaction and funding?
"The big picture and the details."

Blacktrace helps you to strengthen your core activities and cluster businesses when implementing buy-and-build strategies.