About Us

Blacktrace is an award-winning, independent merger and acquisition specialist that is registered in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. We provide professional support for businesses in the following areas: divestment, acquisition, management buy-out, corporate valuation, corporate financing and corporate exit. The typical transaction value for these businesses lies between €25 million and €250 million. Our focus on Dutch businesses and expertise in the Dutch market is complemented by our participation in an international network of similar service providers. These attributes have helped us achieve our current position as a major player in the Dutch mid-market segment.

Blacktrace focuses primarily on the following sectors: Business Services, Consumer Products, Industry, Financial Services, Medical Care and TMT. We have specific expertise within these sectors. Consequently, we are capable of providing expert support during merger and acquisition transactions. We are fully committed to our task and give due consideration to the interests of shareholders, directors, managers, employees, customers, suppliers, providers of finance, counterparties and other stakeholders during negotiation processes.

Blacktrace has a strong track record in the Dutch mid-market sector. To date, our highly experienced team has successfully completed transactions amounting to a total value of more than €2.5 billion. Our team members have been responsible for a number of internationally acclaimed transactions that involved both strategic parties and private equity companies.

Blacktrace is committed, lucid and pragmatic. Our team of transaction specialists empathizes with the client’s situation and we pragmatically work towards a successful transaction based on our expertise and extensive network.

"You are our focus."

We quickly get to the heart of the matter. Our goal is to successfully complete your transaction. Because our focus is on you and getting the best result.