Industry is still a very important part of the Dutch economy. In recent decades, some sub-sectors have disappeared or shrunk substantially. On the other hand, new industrial companies have been formed, which contribute significantly to the health of the European economy.

We split Industry into the following sub-sectors:

  • Automotive: specialist suppliers in particular;
  • Construction and building materials: from residential construction to infrastructure, from lightweight building materials to construction materials for infrastructure needs;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Clean technology & waste processing: from algae production to recycling;
  • Production: manufacturing companies that are increasingly winning back market share because of the more expensive Chinese Yuan.

The Dutch industrial sector is characterized by:

  • Market leadership with a high entry threshold;
  • Strong and advanced technology;
  • A business structure that favours long-term partnerships;
  • Market leaders whose organic growth and consolidation is facilitated by private equity firms in the context of a buy-and-build strategy.

Blacktrace has been active in the industrial sector for several years. The sector teams within our international network have built up extensive specialist knowledge and a valuable network in this sector. This helps us to proactively identify interesting merger and acquisition opportunities.

M&A perspectives in Industry

Blacktrace regularly publishes international M&A sector perspectives within various subsectors of Industry. Excerpts of these reports are made available through links below. For the full reports, please send an email to Mrs. Wies Cornelius.

Latest reports: