Corporate Valuation

Both the seller and purchaser assess the value of a potential corporate acquisition in order to define the scope for negotiation. The price is set during the subsequent negotiations and depends on factors such as supply and demand, and the availability of finance.

We are typically approached when one of the parties has questions on the following issues:

  • What financial constraints determine my negotiation scope and how will a potential buyer value my company?
  • I and other stakeholders disagree on the value of the company. Can an independent expert perform a valuation on behalf of the parties?
  • Can Blacktrace provide a thorough, independent valuation for financial institutions (banks) in order to arrange finance for (acquiring) the company?

Blacktrace employs specialists who have been awarded postgraduate qualifications in Business Valuation by the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and IMD Lausanne (Switzerland). Blacktrace is capable of performing a valuation in accordance with generally accepted principles. Furthermore, we have an international database of comparable transactions that may provide reference information when determining the price of a company.

Blacktrace’s valuation consists of a well-researched calculation of the company’s value, a properly substantiated valuation report, together with a lucid and concise report that can be used as a reliable basis for negotiation. The latter is after all what is ultimately required.

"Value is a subjective concept. Quality is not."

Blacktrace employs specialists who have the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge for performing a thorough valuation.