Capital Raising

Typical trigger events for capital measures are corporate growth, refinancing, reduction of financing costs and acquisitions. Blacktrace assists in financing and refinancing and in implementation of the preferred capital structure or capital restructuring. How an acquisition is financed is an important aspect of acquisitions and MBOs. The availability of finance may even affect the purchaser’s bid. Financial parties such as banks and private equity firms look at transactions each from their own perspective.

Companies approach us typically when they have questions on the following issues:

  • What financial instruments are available for financing growth, acquisitions and refinancing existing liabilities?
  • What financial parties should we approach and how?
  • How should we structure the negotiations and financial transaction?

Blacktrace is capable of involving the appropriate parties and arranging the right financing structure. The same applies when new finance is required. Our team has international access to relevant capital investors, including:

  • Banks
  • Corporate investors
  • Family offices and private investors
  • Private equity and venture capital funds
"Differences? We resolve them."

We use our extensive network within the financial world to help our clients find the right form of finance.