Corporate Social Responsibility

At Blacktrace, we believe that a responsible and respectful approach goes hand in hand with business success. We coordinate transactions for and together with publicly traded and private companies and private equity firms. Many of these companies have drawn up codes of conduct with regard to social involvement and corporate sustainability. They judge our working methods against strict standards and we are always very conscious of the fact that our reputation depends on their assessment.

Blacktrace wants to be instrumental in forming stronger and more profitable businesses and create short-term and long-term value for our clients and counterparties at the same time. We believe that a responsible approach to businesses, their employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, financiers, the counterparty, the environment and society in national and international terms, is a crucial factor in our success. We always strive to be totally honest and protect our hard-won reputation for dependability, lucidity and transparency. Blacktrace is committed to developing long-term relationships based on trust and results.

Blacktrace complies with all legislation and regulations that apply to mergers and acquisitions and observes the codes of conduct that have been drawn up by various professional organisations such as the NIRV (Netherlands Institute for Register Valuators) and the NVP (Dutch Private Equity and Venture Capital Association).